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Pool By Design
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  • Improve your real estate
  • Contribute to your physical and mental well-being
  • Improve the quality of your family leisure time
  • Create a vacationing paradise in your own back yard
  • Be a beautiful center piece for your entertaining & function needs

Welcome To Pool By Design!

A swimming pool is more than an investment in real estate. It is an investment in your family. It changes lifestyles of individual people and entire families. It changes how you exercise, where you eat, what you do in your leisure time and whom you do it with.

Think back. Many of your favorite memories revolve around swimming pools. Advertising and marketing experts know this & that is why Hotel advertisements include pictures of their swimming pool. A new housing community or even a cruise liner will feature their swimming pool. They know that it is the epitome of luxury. You and your family will develop your own wonderful memories by your beautiful swimming pool, custom built for you by Pool by Design.

Pool by Design's experienced designers and expert craftsmen can create, just for you and your family, a back yard paradise. A place where you can relax and vacation without travel. Inviting friends over and cooking out by the pool. A game of volley ball or the kids playing Marco polo. This is where dreams come true.

There are many factors involved in designing your perfect pool. Our designers consider all of the details that a homeowner might overlook. They spend the time necessary to educate you, the consumer. At Pool by Design we believe that if you have enough information to make an educated choose you will decide to put yourself in our competent hands.


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"The pool has changed our lives and how we live in our home. It has not only improved our quality of life, it has brought our family even closer together."
— Cindy
Simon Spiers