Dark Pool Chemistry

Dark Pool Chemistry

Feb, 23, 2011

To keep the plaster that deep dark color there is a couple of tricks. 
The water wants to deposit scale on the walls & floor which will cause the pool to get lighter in color.
What is needed is to keep the water slightly acidic. 
Most pool maintenance guys treat all pools the same but the dark ones need different treatment. 
If you will set it up like this it should stay beautiful.

PH.  Ignore this measurement, it will balance itself. ( unless you have a salt system , then you will need to constantly monitor & adjust the PH )

Total Alkalinity       70 to 90 ppm.  (Parts Per Million)

Calcium Hardness    250 to 350 ppm

Keep a course of scale inhibitor present all year. We recommend the Jacks Magic products.

Keep algaecide in the pool during the swimming season.

Chlorine levels between 0.5 to 2 ppm 
Shock the pool weekly with 1 lb. of shock per 10,000 gallons once the water temperature gets above about 54 degrees Fahrenheit. 
The water temp will effect the chlorine usage. 
During the cold months it is very low but increases as the water warms, similar to dissolving sugar in hot or cold tea.

(The H2Only works without any maintenance. It deposits zinc into the water as long as there is trace amounts of chlorine present in the water. This is a proprietary product that is sold by Pool by Design & installed on all our pools unless the customer does not want it)

Regular maintenance;

Backwash filter when the pressure rises about 10 lbs. above normal clean operation pressure.

After backwashing add 5 lbs. of DE powder through the skimmer. Or whatever your particular filter type requires.

(Make sure the Auto cleaners are off until the milky water is cleared out of the pumps lint pot)

Clean the energy filter (auto cleaner filter) if installed, when it looks dirty or the cleaner slows.

Note: If you see a lot of pollen on your car it is also in the pool. Things like this will filter out of the water & quickly block the filter. This may cause more frequent back washing of the pool.

Empty skimmer basket as needed. (Often during the leaf dropping season)

Empty the pump basket as needed.

Tip: The plastic extrusions on the pump lid or energy kit are designed so a lever can be put across them & help open them if they are tight.

Do not use this method to tighten them.


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