For better or For Worse?

For better or For Worse?

Jun, 14, 2011

In my Charlotte neighborhood there is a community pool. Awesome, right?  I don’t have to open or close it, I don’t have to take care of it, I don’t have to clean it.  The only thing I have to ‘worry’ about is grabbing my cooler and towel walking up the street and parking it on a lounge chair.

Wow.  The middle of April sure was hot.  A dip in the pool would be great, but right.  The pool isn’t open until April 30th. 

What’s that taste?  Ew.  Could there be any more chlorine in this pool?  Great, the people who DO take care of it loaded it up with so much chlorine my hair is already green. 

OH, great.  The guys who clean it must be off today, and those kids left their pretzels all around and in the pool… and they are NOT getting picked up. 

Maybe Pool By Design could create me a private pool in my backyard in time for my summer vacation!


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"We were impressed with the craftsmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction from Pool by Design. Our hand-built pool has surpassed our expectations and added tremendous value to our home and family."
— Phyllis
Simon Spiers