Let our customers tell you about their experience with Pool by Design

Let our customers tell you about their experience with Pool by Design

May, 02, 2013

Summer in North Carolina when compared to Pennsylvania is quite different. The air down South is more humid and hangs heavy while the sun beats down relentlessly. Relief from 100 degree weather is often impossible making staying indoors a necessity rather than a want.

When Jason and Emily first moved to Waxhaw, NC from Pennsylvania, summers were “soured.” “I wanted my wife and kids to remain active and enjoy the outdoors even in the summer heat,” said Jason. Deciding to put in a pool was a big decision. “Our house is French Country on two acres. We were adamant that the pool fit the house, complimenting it.”

Jason and Emily went into the project thinking they knew what they wanted, but Simon, of Pool by Design, took the time to show them other designs. “I would have never thought of some of the aspects he put in the design, so I am happy that I chose to go with an experienced company,” says Jason. The overall vision was amazing. “We live in a wooded area that has natural ponds and streams. I wanted the pool to sit like it was a natural pond with a dark pond finish. I had designed to split the yard with a retaining wall, but Pool by Design came back with a multi-leveled yard that created more privacy and with a reduction in costs.”

“Working with Simon and his team,” says Jason, “was absolutely great. There was a contractor on the job during the building process, and Simon worked very well with them to make sure everything flowed together. The design they came up with was more of a garden feel to the flow instead of my idea of more concrete. It allowed us to put in more vegetation and truly created a natural setting.”

One of the natural features that makes Jason’s and Emily’s pool so inviting is the “rain curtain built into the pool house roof that flows behind you when you are sitting at the swim up bar.” There is a “fresh water mountain lake” feel to the area that “creates an ambiance to our backyard that allows us to relax. Compliments come often and the family time is the icing on the cake. Our experience was wonderful. I have recommended Pools by Design and will continue to do so in the future,” says Jason.


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"The pool has changed our lives and how we live in our home. It has not only improved our quality of life, it has brought our family even closer together."
— Cindy
Simon Spiers