My Very First Blog

My Very First Blog

Feb, 12, 2011

Blogging for me is quite a daunting task. Firstly I cannot type, in my day schools taught girls to type as they were expected to grow up and become secretaries. The were no expectations of men ever needing the skill, typing was a girl course rather like home economics. Why would men ever need to be able to type or cook when there were women around? Next there is the simple fact of what on earth one can write about. If I was still young and knew everything it could be comparatively easy, but as I grow older I discover that most of what I knew is not entirely correct, in fact, most of it was terribly slanted. I find myself now not trying to change the world but trying to change myself to fit into it.


So here is my solution; I am dictating this blog using a talk to text program which I believe is rather a bigot. It seems like American accents but not one combined with a British accent. I have to talk very slowly concentrating on what it writes instead of concentrating on what I am telling it. Hopefully it will learn to listen a little closer but I am sure that during the process of blogging there will be grammatical and spelling errors. Hopefully none of these will become offensive to the readers, if they do I apologize an abundance. (This is a typical mistake made by the program not me and I left it as an example) it should have read “in advance”. They tell me that this thing will learn, I have serious doubts. I hope it does because currently I would be able to type this with one finger faster than dictating it in correcting the errors. I have been through many read paragraphs in an effort to train on a previous laptop, and after all my efforts the laptop was stolen and all the learning was lost. Still, it's rather like my life, what I say to my wife is not what she hears and I can't find her learn key. Time will tell as to how smart this thing really is and I guess how smart you, the readers, are also. Your personal adaptive skills to be able to make sense of what I publish


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"Our house is French Country on two acres. We were adamant that the pool fit the house, complimenting it. I would have never thought of some of the aspects he put in the design, so I am happy that I chose to go with an experienced company."
— Jason
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