New Pool Design & Build

When choosing the company to trust to design and build your new swimming pool project many factors must be considered. The most overwhelming factor is which company has the most experience. As the terrain and soil conditions vary immensely, not just from state to state but from region to region within the state. The coastal areas of North Carolina, primarily consist of very sandy soils on the flat plains. Conversely, the mountain regions of North Carolina have very little flats areas and a lot of very hard stone. The Piedmont region consists off sloped yards made of the red clay. The same construction techniques that would be used in the sand of Florida will not work in the red clay of North Carolina. The expansive soils in Texas needs to be approached using different construction techniques than those used to build a swimming pool necessary for the tremendous freez/thaw cycles experienced in the northern areas of America or Canada. By the same token the difficult sloping backyards of the Piedmont region required design techniques very different from those utilized in the flat lands south, east and north of us.


There is no one in the Piedmont area that has more experience in designing and building these backyard projects than the people at Pool by Design. Pool by Design is founded by an engineer with a Masters degree in engineering. He has been designing and building swimming pools and backyards since 1974. He often jokes that he has forgotten more about building and designing these projects, than his competitors have learned. He has been called upon as an expert witness in suits pertaining to failures in swimming pools, retaining wall failures and damage caused by drainage. He spent many years teaching and training these superior techniques to others across the country. In 2000 he and his wife started to build backyards in the Piedmont area under the name of Pool by Design. Pool by Design is proud to boast that approximately 75% of the total projects are acquired from referrals of satisfied customers. In the past 10 years Pool by Design has had revenues in excess of $1 million from their customers who have needed another backyard project in another new home. Any company's success is achieved when its customers want that company to be successful. The staff at Pool by Design wants to thank the customers for the extraordinary support, which they have given. We sincerely believe that we can make you a new avid supporter of Pool by Design.


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"We were impressed with the craftsmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction from Pool by Design. Our hand-built pool has surpassed our expectations and added tremendous value to our home and family."
— Phyllis
Simon Spiers