Sunburn Remedy

Sunburn Remedy

Jun, 20, 2011

After a long day in your backyard pool with lots of friends and fun you come inside and realize that you have a terrible case of sunburn.  What will make you feel better?  How can you keep from peeling?  Why does this only seem to happen to you when you are the only one who continuously reapplies sun block?

I have no idea.  But I can tell you all the things NOT to do! 

Whoever said that taking a hot shower will take the sting away, was lying! The only thing a hot shower will do for you is burn and make you even hotter when you get out. 

Aloe Vera feels great if you keep it in the fridge, but no matter how much you put on, the second you stop, even a week later, you WILL peel. 

As for applying sunscreen, try waiting before you jump in the water.  Try sitting on the patio or on the pool deck under an umbrella for a change.

Good luck with the sunburn!


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