Swimming Pool and Back Yard Adventures

Swimming Pool and Back Yard Adventures

Feb, 22, 2013

Living in the sunny and humid state of Florida you will find many homes have swimming pools and tropical landscaping in their back yards.  The downside of our wonderful weather is you will also find a large variety of insects, reptiles, and other strange animals that love the climate as much as we do.

When my husband and I bought our first home it had a HUGE swimming pool in the back yard.  It wasn't screened in like a lot of pools in Florida, so it was a morning ritual to take our coffee outside to see what was in the pool when the sun came up.  Ninety percent of the time what we found in our pool was our fat, yellow Lab, Jacob, swimming in circles with a tennis ball in his mouth and drinking water at the same time.  He would shuffle up the stairs, sit down, and then burp loudly. The rest of the time we mostly found frogs, some swimming and some bloated and stinky.  (The husband was in charge of the dead ones, ew-gross)  We also found a Florida soft shell turtle that was perfectly happy to be there and who threw a total grumpy turtle fit complete with hissing when we tried to dip him out with the net and set him free.  He was so rude I was glad he never came back.

My all time favorite morning pool discovery was ducks.  For about two weeks we had twice daily visits from a very loving duck couple.  When I say "very loving" I mean that literally.  They would fly into our fenced back yard and have a great time in our pool.  Then they were gone.  A few weeks later that Momma duck walked her five baby ducklings all the way to our pool (from God knows where) and they all had a little swim.  This severely annoyed Jacob who immediately jumped into the pool and tried to use the baby ducks as tennis balls.  Alas, Momma duck flew off and I had to rescue her tiny ones with the dip net.  They were never seen again. 

I know I'm not the only one, so I asked my Facebook friends the question, "What's the strangest thing you've encountered in your back yard or pool? Include photos if you have them!"

I received some pretty interesting feedback……and not all from Florida either.  Most people had stories about dogs, cats, and cell phones. 


  • Robyn from Fort Myers, Florida found a coral snake in her pool.  They are VERY poisonous.
  • Kimberly, also from Fort Myers, Florida found a rattlesnake in hers.  Yikes!
  • Mike from Canada said, "My son was swimming and I was about to jump in and he said to me to stay away from the 'ugly bones' ….So I swam down and found a dead bunny." 
  • Tiffany from Orlando, Florida gave a story of four black snakes that came into her yard together, had a swim together, then left together.  Crazy!  (See picture below)
  • Dawn from Fort Myers, Florida also shared a few pictures of her live-in Landscaper, Jenna.  Free Landscaping!  (See picture below)
  • Stay tuned for more stories of Adventure!


            Black snakes having a summer swim


                                Jenna doing some free landscaping


                               More landscaping with Jenna


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"Our house is French Country on two acres. We were adamant that the pool fit the house, complimenting it. I would have never thought of some of the aspects he put in the design, so I am happy that I chose to go with an experienced company."
— Jason
Simon Spiers