The rules of BIDDLE

The rules of BIDDLE

Jun, 16, 2011

Materials Needed:

  • golf tee
  • at least 3 players
  • a private backyard pool

All players start standing at the edge of the pool, facing AWAY from the water. 

One player has the tee in his/her hand.  They dive into the pool and let the tee go quietly without any other player knowing where. 

Everyone out of the pool waits for the first player to get out of the pool and say “go”

All players turn around and begin scanning the top of the pool looking for the tee.  The first player to see it yells “biddle” and jumps into the water to get it.


Hint for the ‘other’ players who don’t see it first:  As soon as someone yells biddle and jumps in, just jump where they do and splash around.  It will make it really hard for them!

Have fun!


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"The pool has changed our lives and how we live in our home. It has not only improved our quality of life, it has brought our family even closer together."
— Cindy
Simon Spiers