To those of you wanting to have a pool but don't want to be a pool slave

To those of you wanting to have a pool but don't want to be a pool slave

Jul, 31, 2014

There are two battles we, as swimming pool builders, constantly fight. The biggest is the perception of the hours & hours of pool maintenance time required to keep a swimming pool & spa pristine. Many potential customers have parents who had pools as the children grew up in the household. They watched their Dads spend hours of their leisure time cleaning, repairing & maintaining the pool. The kids were not allowed in the pool when the chemicals were put into the water. Dad would be out vacuuming the trash off the pool floor & skimming leaves from the surface. Dad was not happy because he wanted to relax on his weekend off. Mum was not happy because she wanted Dad to dedicate some precious time off work to her & the family & the kids were not happy because their hours of swimming with their friends were limited. They had to go ride their bikes as there were no video games in the bedroom. All in all a questionable but still large investment made for the family. Many parents of current families fear that from watching their parents being “pool slaves” & shy from the commitment.

                The swimming pools that we build at Pool by Design are so different from that old lack of technology. Our pools take an average of 10 minutes a week to maintain. They clean themselves, they sterilize themselves, they collect floating debris & place it into easy to empty baskets. The pumps are efficient & much quieter than you’re A/C unit. We compare the sound with that of your fridge. The systems are automated & even have freeze protection for the winter months. The advances in the pool industry are remarkable. I can set up your pool with motion detecting cameras which call your smart phone & stream video of live action to you that is currently going on poolside. You can operate your pool from your smart phone. Turn on the spa & heat it while driving home from work. You can be notified if your pool water has a slight imbalance & monitor the pool chemistry & usage from anywhere around the world.

The other battle I will talk about in my next blog so stay tuned.

Same pool place, same pool channel.

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"We were impressed with the craftsmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction from Pool by Design. Our hand-built pool has surpassed our expectations and added tremendous value to our home and family."
— Phyllis
Simon Spiers