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As you would design a house you should design your garden. You may design your house with an unfinished basement. Your intention is to complete the basement at your leisure. It is often cost-effective to have the studs and electrical services installed while the builders are building the rest of the house. Often, a homeowner will change their minds during the process of building the house and get the basement completed. Options like this are possible when you have a master plan. It is quite common to forget the land surrounding your house. For the greatest return on your property it is essential that the entire project does not look piecemealed. If you have a master plan of your garden you have the ability to install the entire plan or to do it in phases. Either way, the end result shows continuity throughout the yard. The entire project flows and your planning pays dividends not only for you as the current homeowner but in the return on investment for improving your real estate.

Pool by design specializes in projects like this. They will create a master plan as elaborate or simple as you wish. Often homeowner will include hardscapes, poolscapes, structures and planting materials. When you tour gardens they are anything but haphazard, there is hours of planning and design. Building a wild wilderness may take months of design to create the desired random look.

To make a garden functional must include irrigation and drainage; the soils must be amended to support the type of plants chosen. Mediums must be coordinated, deck finishes must blend with structures, and stone choices with brick, hiding necessary mechanical units need to be planned. The list goes on.

This is the ultimate way to achieve the perfect feel for your entire project. This process is not new; it is the secret of the most wonderful gardens in the world and has been perpetuated for centuries. Pool by design will work with you to create these plans and contracts as much or as little as you desire. It will be hard to find a single contractor with the experience and expertise to create such beautiful projects.


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"We were impressed with the craftsmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction from Pool by Design. Our hand-built pool has surpassed our expectations and added tremendous value to our home and family."
— Phyllis
Simon Spiers