What would you suggest, salt water pool or “regular” pool?

What would you suggest, salt water pool or “regular” pool?

Jul, 22, 2014

This is a swimming pool question to Pool by Design by a potential customer, " We are thinking about a pool. It will be probably a year before we act. What would you suggest, salt water pool or "regular" pool?".

Response by me, "I wouldn’t put a salt water pool in my back yard but google it. There is a lot of discontent with salt.

We do them for customers who want them".


" What problems arise from salt water pool? "

Jon & Patricia Sharp

So this is my answer, I think this is the trend in the swimming pool industry with respect to salt water pools. "

Keep in mind, you can’t make gold out of lead, that is precisely what the salt manufacturers want you to think. These are the common misconceptions;

1.       I will have a chlorine free pool.     Not correct. Salt is sodium chloride. The salt is broken down into sodium & chlorine. Chlorine is still used as the oxidizing agent.

2.       It is low maintenance.  Not true, you exchange one problem for another. The sodium left in the water is very alkali. It causes constant raises in PH & Alkalinity. You have to neutralize it with acid constantly to the degree that manufacturers now have machines to put into the system to automate the process.

3.       Salt water is softer on my skin.  Have you ever swum in the ocean & come out with nice soft shinny hair.

4.       It is less expensive than chlorine.  When you factor in the cost of the machine that converts the salt to chlorine, approx. $1800 then the cost of the initial salt to salivated the pool, the cost of replacement salt each period, taking the machine a part to clean it & replacing the salt cell after its limited lifespan you have spent far more money.

5.       Salt water conducts electricity. The first battery was made of salt water. Electrons are passed from the cathode to the anode. Your salt pool will produce electricity. Sacrificial anodes are available to be built into the filter system so the equipment is protected from expensive damage.

6.       Most metal patio furniture companies warranties are cancelled if used by a salt pool because the salt is corrosive. Have you ever seen anything at the beach that didn’t need repair.


Down side of chlorine;  It smells when you open the bucket.

I use Chlorine & zinc in my pool.  My chlorine levels run about one part per million compared to city water that you drink, shower in & wash your cloths in that has about 12 parts per million."

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